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Portrait of Arie de Jong.

UNICA 2013
Webmaster Report

Report by Arie de Jong

The UNICA Web consists of two parts :
UNICA website (http://unica-web.com)
UNICA film library website ( http://home.hccnet.nl/unica)

UNICA Website

The UNICA website was developed in 1997. The website has the address: http://unica-web.com. It contains information divided into the following categories:

  • latest news
  • info
  • committee
  • members
  • congresses
  • next UNICA congress
  • watch films
  • General Assembly
  • competition
  • WMMC
  • patronage
  • film festivals
  • links
  • filmlibrary
  • UNICA medals
  • documents
  • UNICA News
  • archive.

This year a new category "watch films" has been added with a link to UNICA films on the Internet.

In 2012 the website has been updated more than 100 times.The number of unique visitors of the UNICA website in 2012 was more than 8200.

This year Dave Watterson (GBR) and Kees Tervoort (NLD) have initiated an informal UNICA News website: www.unica-news.com

UNICA Film Library Website

In 2001 a website for the catalog was developed. The address is: http://home.hccnet.nl/unica.  On that website the information is available sorted in several ways:

  • sequence number: now 1192 film entries
  • year (with descriptions)
  • film maker, with explicit naming of 24 film makers with more than 3 films in the library
  • title
  • country
  • format
  • category
  • 1 minute
  • medals

This year 26 films have been added, of which 6 with a description. The film descriptions have been transferred from the country leaflets.

I do appreciate feedback on the form and content of the websites. So please don’t hesitate to send your remarks to webmaster@unica-web.com.

Arie de Jong
UNICA webmaster

[Note: since January 2014 Dave Watterson has taken over the running of UNICA Web. Emails to webmaster@unica-web.com will reach him. Arie de Jong continues to run the UNICA Film Library website and can be emailed on unica@hccnet.nl.]