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UNICA 1997
Committee Candidates

During the General Assembly of UNICA on August 15 at Warsaw the UNICA-Committee will be elected for the period from 1997 till 2000.

All members and advisors of the current UNICA-Committee are re-electable except:
Werner Kaufmann (CH), who has been Treasurer from 1964 on.
Erkki Koivisto (FIN), who has been counselor and Vice-President of the Committee for 17 years.

Candidates for the Committee are:
President: Max Hänsli (CHE)
Vice-President: Serge Michel (FRA)
Secretary General: Arie de Jong (NLD)
Treasurer: Hansjoachim Stampehl (DEU)

Counselors (6 to be elected):
Björn Andreasson (SWE)
Jan Baca (ESP)
Rolf Mandolesi (ITA)
Stanislaw Puls (POL)
Zeljko Balog (HRV)
Franz Rienesl (AUT)
Mohammed Hassan Soufi (IRA)
Tula Turtia (FIN)