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Achim Stampehl - UNICA Treasurer
In Memoriam

Portrait of  Achim Stampehl.

Died on October 14, 2004

When the sad news came to us, we could hardly believe it: only a few weeks had gone by since the end of the UNICA 2004 Festival in Veitshöchheim which had been conducted by Achim in a masterly way. We just cannot imagine that he will not be among us any more.

With the death of Achim Stampehl, we have lost, not only somebody who has always promoted UNICA with all his strength, but also a sincere friend who has fought openly for changes and spared no efforts when it came to defending the interest of UNICA friends. We owe him the positive developments observed in the financial situation of UNICA. Achim always knew how to find the right compromise or solution to all problems with his charisma and sense of warm friendship. His departure opens a wide gap and we hope that UNICA can find a way to fill it as soon as soon as possible.

Max Hänsli, President of UNICA

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