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support UNICA and promote its work

About the Friends of UNICA

1. The purpose of the "Friends of UNICA“ is to support UNICA, to promote its work and contribute to a cheerful and positive development of the group.

2. Members may be:
  • Natural and legal persons
  • individuals
  • families
  • discount members, clubs, associations who might not be full UNICA members.
3. Conditions: compliance with the UNICA Statutes and these regulations.

4. Admission and Exclusion: is at the discretion of the UNICA committee.

5. Rights of Members:to receive the publications and information on activities
  • to ask questions and make suggestions to the UNICA Committee
  • participation in a special meeting during the annual congress
  • participation in a meeting outside the UNICA Congress - when one occurs.
  • participation in special competitions during the annual congress.
6. Administration:
The UNICA Committee, including its treasurer manages the “Friends of UNICA” and appoints a committee member who leads the group.

Current leader of the Friends: Tatiana Alahverdzieva

Current UNICA Treasurer: Thomas Kräuchi