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Member of the Jury 2015

Danielle Vioux

Danielle Vioux, a retired senior English teacher, is an author of theatre plays, novels, screen plays, poetry, songs and pieces. She has created several projects with music, dance and plastic artworks.

As president of the “Theatre of 1001 doors”, she directed numerous training courses and participated in workshops over a period of 20 years.

She used to act in club projects. For 20 years, she carried out productions in school workshops as well as within the framework of the “Theatre of 1001Doors”.

As a member of the film- and videoclub of Salon de Provence for 7 years, Danielle Vioux acted as a screeenplay writer, director, producer and actor. At the present time, she is preparing several scenarios, including two in English and one full-length movie.

Danielle Vioux was a member of the  jury at the national festival in Bourges. This enriching experience led to her application to become a member of the UNICA jury in Luxemburg 2011.