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Guido Haesen (Luxembourg)

Portrait of Guido Haesen.

Cinema is my hobby and my passion. I love watching European professional movies and I try, at my level as an amateur filmmaker, to make documentaries with the aim of capturing the attention of the viewer.

Thanks to my professional activities, I acquired jobs in several European countries and in my free time I produced short films in the archaic N8 or Super8 formats.  Participation at local film festivals was a major and stimulating happening. Following my move to The Netherlands, in 1975, I discovered the benefits of joining a club of amateur filmmakers. Through discussions with and comments of experienced directors, my productions improved considerably.

With my wife, an enthusiastic amateur filmmaker, I came to Luxembourg in 1984 and together we share our passion with motivated members of the C.A.L., a film club in the city of Luxembourg.

We regularly participate in film festivals in Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. We make an effort to be present during the entire duration of the event, so that we can assess the position of our productions in today’s world of amateur filmmakers.

I attended my first UNICA festival in Ostend (Belgium) in 1973 and later on, my films became part of the national Luxemburgish Program. Two productions were awarded a silver and bronze medal respectively in South Korea (2006) and Switzerland (2010).

A competition needs a jury. I had the honour to be invited to be a member of the jury by the organizers of UNICA 2002 as well as at various film festivals throughout Europe.  These are very inspiring experiences. Each film leaves specific memories with an attentive viewer and reveals differences of analysis, but a good discussion may modify the initial interpretations. I will try to understand the intention of the filmmaker and his approach to present a story, but I will also listen to the arguments of my fellow jury members before taking a final decision.

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