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Committee Members Attending

 Georges Fondeur (President)
Jeanne Glass (Vice-President)
Jan Essing (Secretary General)
Thomas Kräuchi (Treasurer)


Zeljko Balog
Wolfgang Freier
Rolf Leuenberger
Rolf Mandolesi
Alois Urbanek

Also Present

Max Hänsli (Honorary President)
Fred Graber (Friends of UNICA)
Wolfgang Freier (UNICA Patronage)
Claire Auda (Translations)
Alois Urbanek (Technical Issues)
Suzana Skoludova (ICongress President)
Kees Tervoort (Special Adviser)
Dave Watterson (Webmaster)

Not Present

Artashes Hovanessian (Adviser)
Serge Michel (IFTC Liaison)

Federations Represented

Czech Republic
Republic Of Korea
United Kingdom

19. Discussion and vote about proposals submitted by members

Georges Fondeur (pres.) reminds us that new proposals have to be admitted at least 5 months prior to the General Assembly. No proposals have been presented.

20. Determination of next year's contribution

Georges Fondeur (president) explains that we maintain the system of contribution at UNICA as fixed in Luxemburg. There are no questions nor objections and all vote in favour, except for FEDIC (ITA): abstention.

21. Confirmation of the budget

Thomas Kräuchi (treasurer): explains that the budget for 2014 was sent together with the balance sheet for 2013.

There are no questions nor objections, so the budget for 2014 is determined with all in favour, except for FEDIC (ITA): abstention.

Rolf Mandolesi (ITA) explains that FEDIC brought a proposal to the Committee that FEDIC should be rated in a lower class of contribution than RUS and GBR. He has asked to be ranked a class lower and the Committee has allowed that for only two years.

Georges Fondeur (pres): We understand the fact that a country can be in financial trouble and therefore we permitted FEDIC to contribute one class lower for two years but not forever. It is allowed for in the budget.

Part 1

  • Opening address by the President of the Congress
  • Federations / Representative / Deputies
  • AGM Organisation
  • Confirmation of the agenda
  • Address by the President of UNICA
  • Vote on the proceedings of the General Assembly UNICA 2013 in Fiberbrunn (AUT)
  • Report of the Committee by the Secretary General
  • Report of the Treasurer
  • Report of the Auditors
  • Report of the Film Librarian

Part 2

  • Report of Friends of UNICA
  • Report of Patronages
  • Report of the delegate to I.F.T.C.
  • Report regarding UNICA Web
  • Discharge of the Committee
  • Election of a new auditor
  • Admission and resignation of members
  • Discussion and vote about proposals of the Committee




22.Selection of the place and dates of the congress in future years:

2015: St. Petersburg (agreed).

Georges Fondeur (pres.) UNICA 2015 in the city of Saint Petersburg (RUS) was agreed.

2016: Romania (proposal)

Georges Fondeur (pres.): The ROU city of Sucueva has been candidate for organizing the 2016 Congress for at least two years. Last year in Fieberbrunn the General Assembly confirmed ROU as the candidate for 2016. Many issues still have to be resolved though, but at this General Assembly we have to make a decision.

Some weeks before the General Assembly a proposition was received from CZE to host UNICA 2016 Congress in the CZE city of Blansko. According to UNICA Statutes a proposition to host a UNICA Congress has to be made at least 36 months prior to the Festival. There have been times that we couldn’t keep to that length of time because of lack of candidates or candidates returning their mandate.

Both proposals have been addressed to the General Assembly so this is the time and place to discuss them. Both candidates present themselves on stage with ample words, leaflets and delicacies.

Portrait of Emil Mateias.

Emil Mateias (ROU) 2nd deputy of the ROU national film organization ANCR and in charge of international affairs presents the proposal. In 2012 we made a proposition to the General Assembly to have UNICA 2016 organized in ROU. The General Assembly agreed with our proposal. For our country this is a great honor and we acted according the UNICA Statutes. In the neighborhood of Suceava an international airport will be opened at the end of 2014, where all major airliners can be received. A new cultural Centre has been built, which is available for the UNICA Congress. In Suceava a film club existsand its president is with us. There are 7 of us from Suceava and all are supported by the Suceava city council. An address from the Mayor of Suceava is read and Prof. Irimia stresses that a 500 participants congress just took place in the city. It was a major success.

Ivo Polák
(CZE) lord mayor of Blansko addresses the assembly. His presence at GA is to make sure that every requirement is met in order to have the best UNICA Congress organized in 2016. Blansko (Moravia) is in the north-east region of CZE. A city of 22.000 inhabitants and only 20 kms from Brno, the city is extremely effective in organizing events of different kinds. One of them is a contest for young film makers. 2016 is an important year for the city. 880 years of city history will be celebrated and also the 80th anniversary of the club. I’m confident that the GA will choose Blansko for the venue of the congress in 2016.

Jan Essing (G-S) reads the related articles of the UNICA Statutes and Bylaws. Although the CZE representatives have asked him (mid June 2013) if it was possible to offer a proposal for organizing the Congress in 2016 an official proposal wasn’t presented in Fieberbunn. Some weeks ago the CZE proposal was addressed to the General Assembly. The committee discussed the matter recently and we advise voting only on the ROU proposal, the CZE proposal not being addressed in accordance with the UNICA Statutes and Bylaws.

Georg Schörner (AUT) points out that in that case there will be two losers and hopes for a better alternative.

The meeting is adjourned for 15 minutes.

It proves impossible to find a solution for both countries party because funds won’t be available in CZE for an alternative year.

Georges Fondeur (pres.): we have statutory rules to comply with and the General Assembly isn’t capable of changing those rules on short notice. There are certain qualified majorities that are valid and time schedules that have to be met in order to change Statutes.

Nevertheless the  CZE representatives want to have their proposal to be voted upon against the ROU proposal.

The General Assembly decides on a 12 to 9 basis that we won’t vote upon the CZE proposal.
The ROU proposal to organize the 2016 Congress in Suceava (ROU) is accepted with a 15 votes majority.

2016 Suceava (ROU) determined.

2017 The German offer to host the UNICA Congress is official, the host city will probably be Dortmund. The DEU BDFA will celebrate their 90th  anniversary. This is agreed by unanimous vote.

2016: Romania (proposal)

Georges Fondeur (president): Next year we’ll decide when there are more things clear about the Romanian proposal. Every member of the assembly approves Romania as a candidate for organizing the 2016 Congress.

For later years (2017, 2018) there are only thoughts in the Netherlands (2018) and United Kingdom or Germany (no certain year).

23. Miscellaneous, without vote

Vladimir Murtin (NLD): Due to the special political situation we want guarantees that everyone and every film will be permitted to enter into Russia. The NOVA (NLD) wants guarantees from the Organizer. We still remember not being able to organize UNICA congress in Iran for the same reasons. If such a commitment is lacking, the NOVA has to reconsider its participation.

Georges Fondeur (Pres.): There may be problems, if more or less pornographic images are presented in image or text. I have not seen them during this festival, but I heard of them. We must be prepared. We want to create a check list for the Russian delegation and get clear answers to these questions.

Georges Fondeur (Pres.): We have other concerns with respect to copying someone else’s work in a film and not clearly declaring this. We need to deal with plagiarism. Countries give us little information about the classification of films. Everything remains veiled. We will try to produce wording that will be included in the rules after your approval. The Committee is working on it and also thinking about penalties.

Prof. Irimia (ROU) is interested in the Jeunesse program.
We want to bring along more than a dozen teenagers. I would like to congratulate SVK, because for the first time young people's costs were fully paid. I know that it is a rule that we usually pay half the Congress card.

We must continue to protect these young people from the professionals. The youth section should be separated from the students. That should change.

Georges Fondeur (Pres.) I am convinced that ROU will find a way to offer a good program for youth. The request for subvention should be made in time to the EU.

Georges Fondeur (president) thanks the participants for their contributions, especially the interpreters for performing their difficult job and his fellow committee members for their support and closes the meeting.

These Minutes were approved by the 2015 General Assembly

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