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Committee Members Attending

 Georges Fondeur (President)
Jeanne Glass (Vice-President)
Jan Essing (Secretary General)
Thomas Kräuchi (Treasurer)


Zeljko Balog
Wolfgang Freier
Rolf Leuenberger
Rolf Mandolesi
Alois Urbanek

Also Present

Max Hänsli (Honorary President)
Fred Graber (Friends of UNICA)
Wolfgang Freier (UNICA Patronage)
Claire Auda (Translations)
Alois Urbanek (Technical Issues)
Suzana Skoludova (ICongress President)
Kees Tervoort (Special Adviser)
Dave Watterson (Webmaster)

Not Present

Artashes Hovanessian (Adviser)
Serge Michel (IFTC Liaison)

Federations Represented

Czech Republic
Republic Of Korea
United Kingdom

11. Report of "Friends of UNICA"

Portrait of Fred Graber.Fred Graber (Amis): You received the report. (Read the report here.)

The treasurer is keeping the finances in good order. We enlisted 5 new members. We are at your disposal for answering questions.

No questions being evident, the report is approved unanimously. 

12. Report on UNICA Patronages

Portrait of Wolfgang Freier.The report was drawn-up by Wolfgang Freier (Patronage) and sent to the federations. (Read it here.)

He adds that the patronage festivals are requested annually to send in their results and the composition of the jury, with little response alas. Consequently no results of those festivals can be incorporated into the UNICA website. The report is accepted without vote.

13. Report of the delegate to I.F.T.C.

Portrait of Serge Michel.The author of this report is Serge Michel. The report had been sent in three languages to the federations. (Read the report here.)

Georges Fondeur (President) points out that Serge Michel had to leave the congress prematurely for work commitments. We are glad that he represents UNICA successfully at IFTC, and that he composed a special DVD of winners of the Fellini - and Delmiro de Caralt prize for IFTC. This DVD is available from this moment on.

The report is approved unanimously, with thanks and applause for Serge Michel.

Part 1

  • Opening address by the President of the Congress
  • Federations / Representative / Deputies
  • AGM Organisation
  • Confirmation of the agenda
  • Address by the President of UNICA
  • Vote on the proceedings of the General Assembly UNICA 2012 in Russe (BGR)
  • Report of the Committee by the Secretary General
  • Report of the Treasurer
  • Report of the Auditors
  • Report of the Film Librarian

Part 3

  • Discussion and vote about proposals submitted by members
  • Determination of next year's contribution
  • Confirmation of the budget
  • Selection of the place and dates of the congress in future years
  • Miscellaneous, without vote


Friends report

Patronage Report

Report of CICT/IFTC Liaison

Report of the Webmaster

14. Report regarding UNICA Web

Portrait of Dave Watterson.Dave Watterson's webmaster report was circulated in advance in three languages.  (Read the report here.)

Dave Watterson thinks there’s only one other person in the hall who knows how hard (‘terrifying’) it is to follow in the footsteps of Arie de Jong. Arie has done a wonderful job in creating the website and collecting and disclosing a great history of UNICA. Dave’s task for the next year is to integrate this heritage in the new format. He will be grateful for any suggestion and help to improve the website.

Georges Fondeur (President): like Arie de Jong, Dave is asking for more contributions, such as news, articles and other information from the member federations.

The report is approved unanimously, with thanks and applause for Dave Watterson.

15. Discharge of the Committee

The auditors already proposed the discharge the Committee in the report, read by Wolfgang Allin (AUT). This proposal is accepted unanimously.

Georges Fondeur (President) thanks his fellow members of the committee.

16. Election of a new auditor

Georges Fondeur (President) and Thomas Kräuchi (Treasurer) explain that first auditor Louis Schmitz (LUX) is supposed to withdraw according to the rules. Wolfgang Allin (AUT) becomes the first auditor and Bernhard Lindner (DEU) becomes the second. A new auditor as substitute has to be found and Nico Sauber (LUX) is nominated. As a rule we nominate someone living not too far from Zürich due to travel costs.

His nomination is welcomed with unanimous applause.

17. Admission and resignation of members

The logo of the Iranian Young Cinema Society.

Georges Fondeur (President) reports reports the membership application from the Iranian Youth Cinema Society (IYCS) in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. We’re glad that IYCS rejoins the UNICA family.

Marie Cipriani (FRA) states that FFVC can’t imagine that IYCS members are really free exercise their film hobby. No-one of IYCS is present, so the question remains unanswered.

The application for membership from January 1st 2014 for IYCS is approved with one abstention (FRA).

Georges Fondeur (President) reports that several countries have asked how to become UNICA members. Moldova, Morocco and Australia are interested, but need administrative changes first, like forming a national federation.

Emil Mateias (ROU) mentions being in conversation with Moldavia. They intend to come to St. Petersburg to join UNICA there.

18. Discussion and vote about proposals of the Committee

Georges Fondeur (pres.): the reform plans have been distributed to the Federations and the questionnaire was returned by only 7 members.

Rolf Mandolesi (ITA) wonders why most member federations didn’t bother to answer to this important issue but answers fail.

Georges Fondeur (President): everyone received the document, drawn-up by Artashes Hovanessian (ARM), with criticism regarding the attitude and behaviour of the committee. That’s the reason why he boycotts this congress. His proposal is to discharge the committee in total and to elect a new committee more in line with the composition of the member-federations. Georges Fondeur is not planning to strike Artashes Hovanessian using his own methods, but the proposal was handed in far too late according to UNICA bylaws.

The General Assembly determined unanimously not to discuss the proposals by Artashes Hovanessian.

Georges Fondeur (President): We must change the structure of UNICA, but not at all costs. If we go back in history, the structure, which is laid down in Paris, shouldn't change without good reason. Our founders would turn in their graves. And we don’t want the former method to return: gentlemen in tuxedos from the moneyed class. That has been democratized. But youth is so democratized, that they have no need of associations anymore. Now we sport white hair and bald heads. From what we received as responses to our questionnaire, we will now produce new proposals.

Kees Tervoort (NLD) is rather disappointed about the results and furthermore he’s very busy managing his own new business, so he has given up his mission. We as Committee will now do more with the proposals, not in a revolutionary way but evolutionary. We are in a position to do so and do that in the next two meetings.

No further discussion is needed.

These Minutes were approved by the 2015 General Assembly

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