Letter of the President

To all UNICA member federations – to all UNICA Film friends

Dear Film friends

A Committee meeting was held in the Alsace from 29.10 to 01.11.1998.

I would like to give some information about it and ask you to circulate the information to the members of your federation. Thanks.

World Championship of Non Professional Film and Video Making

with an award of gold, silver and bronze medals, and special prizes on this occasion.

The reason for this decision is that the expression would be reserved for future organizers of UNICA Competitions.

Important notice: all participants have to fill in an individual registration form for hotel and congress card booking. This should be done on an individual basis, because the corresponding passport numbers )passport, not identity card!) should be entered. Only a passport can give you access to Russia (for the half-day excursion).

It would be disastrous if such films were not there; the point is however to decide whether such films should compete with "amateur" contributions in the "standard" UNICA Contest. There was a long debate about the possibility of marking this films with an asterisk "*" sign, just as for the "Jeunesse" films having a letter "J". In all cases, the author him/herself should decide about such an assignment into the category and should be ratified by the federation. Then it would be possible to take up such films -which still participate in the national programmes- in a separate list of awards. I suppose that we should now refrain from providing further arguments to this debate and give you the floor.

We would like you to respond before 31.03.1999 so that the issue could be discussed again on the occasion of the next Committee meeting.

  1. Should a federation table a proposal concerning this issue, we would have to be prepared and adopt a clear stance so that we do not have to discuss the issue under pressure and we can submit our conclusions to the General Assembly.
  2. Should the General Assembly, for instance, approve a decision tending to say that such films are not welcome, considering that "genuine" amateur films have no chance to succeed when competing with such films, we would run the risk of losing some good works and therefore some good authors too, and this would be detrimental to the level of films in a UNICA Competition (World Championship).

Should you disagree with this procedure, please let us know. But we hope that you will have understanding for our proposal.

Dear film friends: as you can see, we spare no effort to come to find solutions that are in the interest of your federation and your members. Now we should also have information about the true nature of these interests and we ask you again to make suggestions about these questions before 31.03.1999.

Sincerely yours,

Max Hänsli

President of UNICA